One of those days…

Had one of those days, think it best to write it as a timeline.

8:00 Leave for Madrid

9:15 In the Irish Pub with Merlin (another falmouth-erasmus student) to watch the end of the first half of the football. Sol Cambell scores for Arsenal.

10:00 Arrive at what we thought to be the venue but it's in another place. Desperate for something to eat or drink in the heat but have no time.

10:30 In the car, Barcelona equalise, treated to a rendition of goal, goal, goal goal -gol-gol-gol-gol-gol goooooooal by the comentator. Swiftly followed by the second rendition moments later as they take the lead.

10:45 Arrive at the venue to hear just about the last chord of a 45 minute set.Artic Monkeys

The crowd lap up the final moments of the gig

11:00 Back in the car to hear the final whistle, Barcelona have won the champions league.

11:15 On the way home, stop, to drink and eat what felt like the tastiest Cream Neopolitana I have ever had in my life, accomonied by a range of car horns and fireworks celebrating the victory.

11:30 Back in the halls run around in the sprinklers bemused by the whole thing

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