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The End

July 2, 2006

Well, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, but it’s all over and I’m back in London, I hope I’ve given you a flavour of my time away, it’s definitely given me a lot of entries to look back on. Thanks for reading!

Metro Rock

June 26, 2006

So I made it to MetroRock which was definately a mixed-bag and a long-haul and plenty more metaphors besides. Much better on the first day, I went on my own on the second when the world was more occupied with the Mexico vs Argentina match!

Highlights I think were MATISYAHU and especially the crazy ELBICHO who's singer did a back flip when he came on and just was mad till the end!

El Bicho

…and a picture of me amongst other people from the halls made in into El Pais! (Sorry couldn't find it on the web)

El Corte Ingles does MUSIC!

June 22, 2006

I was in FNAC the other day, which I think is another tentacle of El Corte Ingles (See update below) and they had an open room with an Emo band playing, it's definitely a fun style to watch, I rekon this photo came out pretty well!

dscf0334levels-small.JPGUpdate: As my friend wawa and subsequently wikipedia state FNAC is in fact a French chain with branches across Europe.

England – Sweden

June 21, 2006

Went to watch the England Sweden match last night, I rekon I probably found the only Irish Bar in Madrid with more Swedish people than English, but, oh well. Photo is with some Mexican friends who came along with me.


La Profecia

June 19, 2006

Went to the cinema last night and saw The Omen (in Spanish, La Profecia.) The most interesting part for me was seeing how they managed to produce the film (set in London) in the Czech Republic. Apparently it’s easier to ship a red telephone box, a red post box, and Tesco’s finest jam over Europe rather than film in London. The give away for me was seeing the road sign for Bishop’s Gate stuck on the side of Prague’s wide cobbled streets! My friends were none the wiser though, so I guess you can get away with such things.

Los 40 Principales

June 19, 2006

Frankly, I'm surprised I haven't turned into a vegetable after sitting through all 7 hours plus of the webcast of the concert celebrating 40 years of Los 40 Principales. It was about as close as I think you could get to a Spanish-language live aid, with just about all the Spanish artists I'd ever heard of (mostly from the music played in the gym) playing a few songs each.

A highlight for me was seeing Amaral. David Beckham's favourite, Alejandro Sanz, made an appearance in the finale playing along while Shakira shook her hips with aplomb. 

Sid Lowe

June 16, 2006

Got back from my exam yesterday in time to see the end of a repeat of the England match on 'La Sexta,' was delighted to hear a summariser who was definitely English, judging by his pronunciation of names like Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard. Turned out to be Sid Lowe who Google reveals has written some nice articles for The Guardian about David Beckham's arrival in Madrid, was nice to hear him sing 3 Lions On A Shirt with the England fans at the end as well!


June 3, 2006

I've been pretty busy here doing all the coursework and preparing for exams since it's that time in the term. I finished off a website I made for Infografia y Multimedia, and not to see it go to waste I thought I would post it here. The Spanish characters seem to have got eaten in the uploading process, but it still works OK.

The address is

Update: Special characters should be working now. 

Job Advert

May 30, 2006

There's definitely funny English all over Madrid, but I liked this example because it was a fancy Job advert.

Job Advert

I wonder if many people considerered working for them? 

Going home

May 25, 2006

no, not me! But, the other two Falmouth Erasmus students went home today. They had an exhibicion in a bar here with the art they've done here to cap things off which was really cool.

Falmouth Erasmus Students