A Man With a Camera

April 23, 2006

I saw the Russian Film A Man With a Camera today at the Thyssen Museum. It was billed at the beginning as being experimental and it followed a sort of freeforrn documentary style. I couldn’t really decide if it was just a Tour de force of Camera and Editing techniques (Which given it was made in 1929 wouldn’t really be a bad thing) or a film with a real story. Certainly it had enough funny parts like crossfading the cameraman in a giant glass of beer to think that it had a good sense of humor more than just a demonstration of lots of cool techniques which were new for the time.

Concert at El Doblon

April 22, 2006

You might have read my post before about the band that plays in the student halls here, last night they played the local Discoteca El Doblon:


April 20, 2006

Saw the Arsenal match last night, was funny to be the only person who celebrated when they scored. The second half was pretty dreary, I woke up just as the final whistle went!


April 5, 2006

So the other day I was at the bus stop and found out some people were going to ExpoManga. Later in the afternoon I ended up walking to the venue along with people wearing really crazy Manga constumes.
Anyway, the event was rewally crazy all the Manga films, comics, videogames, toys and the rest of it.

Photos: Outside the venue, Manga dolls, Nintendo Gamecube game with Bongos


April 2, 2006

The other day I went to a talk held by the Linux society at UEM (GLUEM.) A man calledÁlvaro López Ortega who works at the university for Sun talked about the Cherokee web server which is a project he works on and how it is optimised to work as fast as possible. I understood most of it since he had lots of pretty slides and used many techno words. It was great to see a mix of people at the talk as well.

Like a true Englishman

March 30, 2006

I went around the job fair today looking for free pens, a popular trend here is sweets, so you can have a sucky BT sweet or a chewy Deloitte sweet or whatever. Anyway, there were plenty of pens as well. After lots of faffing with printers I managed to make a CV to give to the BT women as well.

Bicycle Race

March 29, 2006

Last week there was a big bicycle race round Villaviciosa de Odon. For the occasion I borrowed a very fancy camera to try out but the results were more blurry than with my cheap one. Probably need more practice.

When the penny drops

March 26, 2006
So, this morning I decided to go watch Battleship Potempkin at the Tyssen Museum, I timed it perfectly and arrived at exactly 12:00, but there was only 20 minutes of the film left. I asked the person why the film started early had changed and se said ‘it changed last night.’ This afternoon I planned to meet someone to play table tennis they arrived an hour early and I thought nothing of it. Sweaty after playing table tennis I decided to go to the gym. Only the gym was closed and the people outside said the opening times had changed for the summer. Feeling defeated I had a nap and then went to dinner. Only, dinner had finished. I went and chatted to people eating Pizza on another floor and explained the situation, only then did someone show me their watch… That’s a penny, dropping

Muy Rico

March 25, 2006

The other day I went to a Mexican Fiesta, the Mexican food was great for vegetarians! It was amazing to see so many Mexicans in one house as well!

Prima Vera

March 24, 2006

I think it’s fair to say Spring has arrived here.